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Meaningful change requires collective action. And now is the time.

Futurebound is a movement of entrepreneurs, investors, nonprofits and other public- and private-sector leaders coming together to fuel innovation in child development. Our next generation is depending on us—and we can’t afford to wait.

Together, we can create a future where all children are bound for success.

an ecosystem approach

Change happens
when minds collide.

While there has been progress in understanding how to improve learning and development in the early years, more momentum, diverse thinking and different types of capital are needed to ensure the long-term success of all children. Innovation has the potential to address many of the challenges facing young children–if new solutions have the supports they need to be successful.

By catalyzing an innovation ecosystem in Colorado focused on accelerating impact for young children, we are strengthening the infrastructure that enables nonprofit and for-profit ventures to succeed. This approach fosters connections and builds community, helping entrepreneurs more efficiently access capital, talent, testing opportunities, research and policy navigation.

As the ecosystem grows, it creates increasing value for all.

our goals
To accelerate innovation and impact for young children, Futurebound is focused on:
Catalyzing a thriving ecosystem that attracts deal flow, new capital, research and talent.
Supporting new ventures to succeed in Colorado.
Attracting significant investment in Colorado children.
Spurring economic activity through child-focused ventures.
Enhancing Colorado’s reputation in the areas of economic opportunity, social impact investing and opportunity for children.
our partners

The following organizations have already joined the Futurebound movement.


Paul Beck

Innovation Specialist,
Colorado Education Initiative

Banks Benitez


Don Burton

Managing & Founding Partner,

Emily Bustos

Chief Executive Officer,
Denver’s Early Childhood Council

Keith Camhi

General Manager,

Steffanie Clothier

Child Development Investment Director,
Gary Community Investments

Robin Deterding

M.D., Medical Director,
Children’s Colorado Innovation Center

Luis Duarte

Zoma Foundation

Nathaniel Foote


Matt Glickman

Founder & President,
Promise Venture Studio

Gabe Hakim

Promise Venture Studio

Erik Mitisek

President, Imagine Analytics & Co-Founder of Commons on Champa and Denver Startup Week

Kimberly Muller

Executive Director,
CU Innovations (Anschutz Medical Campus)

Jennifer Stedron

Executive Director,
Early Milestones Colorado

Jenna Walker

Former Managing Director,
TechStars & Co-Founder, Artifact Uprising

Corey Zimmerman

Director of Policy & Scaling Strategies,
Harvard Center for the Developing Child
what our partners are saying

Colorado has an opportunity to build an ecosystem that breaks down barriers and builds trust. By combining our learnings, resources, and networks, we can dream big––and actually build and implement, changing the lives of families for the better.

Elizabeth Szymanski

The potential for impact and financial success of our investments is exponentially increased when the investments are made into an integrated ecosystem.

Peter Adams
Managing Director,
Rockies Impact Fund

Futurebound is catalyzing a community that believes childhood development is a critical area to invest financial and human resources. Together, we can have a positive impact on our current and future generations.

Luis Duarte
Zoma Foundation

The community of leaders cultivating this ecosystem in Colorado can inspire the rest of the country with their example of the commitment and collaboration that is needed to drive change for young children.

Gabe Hakim
Entrepreneur in Residence,
Promise Venture Studio

Futurebound pulls together customers who are willing to experiment, experts who can advise on the potential of opportunities, public policy partners who can navigate government agencies, and the network of startups and talent needed to execute.

Don Burton
Managing Partner,
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We invite anyone who is passionate about creating a better future for all children to join our movement.
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