Acceleration laB

Acceleration laB

The Futurebound Acceleration Lab is a collaborative effort of Futurebound, Gary Community Investments & Uncharted to support ventures with innovative solutions to child development’s toughest challenges.

The Futurebound Acceleration Lab Cohort is comprised of 18 incredible ventures working across sectors to create a better future for all children.

Futurebound is placing select ventures at the center of Colorado’s innovation ecosystem.

The Acceleration Lab is designed to provide child-focused ventures with the tools they need to succeed in Colorado over the course of eight months.

In partnership with Uncharted and Gary Community Investments, the Futurebound Acceleration Lab is matching ventures with pilot sites, investors, mentors, researchers and other partners who can help advance innovative solutions for young children, particularly those who are at risk or from low-income families.

Futurebound Acceleration Lab Cohort

Learn more about how these 18 ventures are changing the child development space with their innovations.

Apply for Acceleration Lab-Lite

Applications are due August 21, 2019, 11:59pm MST

8 ventures will be selected for the full Lab supports- That application process is closed and selection is underway.

10 ventures will be selected for Lab-lite - The application period opens August 1and closes August 21, 2019.  

All 18 ventures will have the opportunity to showcase their solutions at the Futurebound Summit in November. 



Pre-Summit Support
(from October 8th, 2019)

Summit preparation

At Summit Support
(November 12th-15th, 2019)

Presentation coaching

Travel, accommodation, and participation at the Summit

Curated meetings w/ investors

Curated meetings w/ ecosystem partners

Post-Summit Support
(after November 15th, 2019 through May 2020)

Intro to pilot sites

Deep-dive diagnostic process to understand
venture needs and customize support

Access to Pilot Sites

Presenting at showcase

Participation in workshops and networking

$30,000 in funding

Mentor matching

Additional coaching (fundraising and executive coaches)

Venture funding support

Fractional CFOs

In-depth ongoing support (like rapid prototyping)

Monthly calls with ventures to facilitate ongoing ecosystem matching

what ventures receive

Eight ventures will receive $30,000. The ten ventures participating in the “lab-lite” experience will not receive funding. See the table for a full description of how Futurebound will support ventures in the lab.

We will work throughout the program to identify, grow and evolve pilot sites and customer testing partnerships to fit venture needs, offering opportunities for ventures to meet pilot sites. For ventures in the full Lab, they will be able to test their solutions and access new users.

We will introduce ventures to experts, mentors and researchers who can offer advice and support.

The eight ventures in the full Acceleration Lab will need to identify goals, needs and challenges, and then combine all three into an action plan that shows how they will succeed in Colorado and beyond.

Ventures will be supported over the course of 8 months. Ventures in Lab-Lite will be part of a monthly group check-in, while ventures in the full Acceleration Lab will receive customized supports such as access to a fractional CFO; fundraising coach; executive coach; and rapid prototyping curriculum.

Ventures will connect with leading peers, experts, investors, and the Colorado community during a four-day summit in Denver from November 12-15, 2019.

Ventures will be central to Colorado’s innovation ecosystem and have additional opportunities to connect with entrepreneurs, investors, pilot sites, and public- and private-sector leaders.

ideal ventures

We can help ensure that all children are bound for future success by providing them with supportive home environments, quality care and education experiences, and opportunities for healthy physical, cognitive and social-emotional development.

To support us in accelerating impact for all young children, we are seeking the following:

Early- to growth-stage ventures, or established organizations that are trying something new, including for-profits, nonprofits, universities and government entities that serve children, prenatal to age ten, particularly ones who are at risk or from low-income families. In addition, ventures should have a desire to use Colorado as a foundation for growth and impact.

We are seeking innovative, impactful and scalable solutions to child development’s most complex challenges. Ventures should offer a breakthrough approach to a problem, be uniquely positioned to solve an issue, or be combining strategies that lead to greater impact for children, particularly those who are at risk or from low-income families.

For more information on our ideal candidate,
please see the FAQ section below.

Acceleration Lab Partners

Here's a sample of our pilot sites, partners, and mentors who will be available in the program, with more signing on every day.

pilot sites
No items found.
frequently asked questions

Still have questions?

How many ventures will the Futurebound Acceleration Lab accept?

We will select 18 ventures to join the Futurebound Acceleration Lab. 8 of those ventures will receive the full support of the lab, including a $30,000 stipend and customized supports. An additional 10 will participate in a “Lite” version of the Acceleration Lab, which focuses on building relationships with stakeholders at the in-person Summit in November. See the resource grid resource grid for full details.

Where will the program be located?

Selected ventures will receive remote support before the Futurebound Summit, which takes place in Denver, Colorado, November 12-15, 2019. The 8 ventures in the full Lab will continue to receive customized and remote supports after the summit through May, 2020. Remote support for the Lab-Lite ventures will include monthly check-in calls with the Futurebound team over the same time period.

What is the cost of participating if my venture is selected?

There are no costs for selected ventures to participate in the Futurebound Acceleration Lab. We will cover airfare, food, and lodging for two leaders from each of the 18 selected ventures to attend the Futurebound Summit in Denver.

Who should apply to the program?

All information regarding the ventures, solutions and outcomes that we are looking for can be found here.

What is required of ventures that are selected?

All information regarding who must participate in the program, how much time those individuals must commit to the program, and the venture’s commitment to Colorado can be found here.

How can the $30,000 be used?

All information regarding the $30,000 stipend can be found here. Please note that the 10 Lab-Lite ventures will not receive a stipend.

Are there other ways to engage with Futurebound outside of the Acceleration Lab?

Futurebound is a movement of entrepreneurs, investors, nonprofits and other public- and private-sector leaders coming together to fuel innovation in child development. In addition to Futurebound Acceleration Lab, we will be hosting frequent events and activities to help create meaningful connections that have the power to accelerate impact for all young children. If you are interested in learning how to engage with Futurebound, please contact Sarabeth Berk.

Who is behind this program?

Gary Community Investments (GCI), which includes Gary Community Investment Company and The Piton Foundation, invests in for-profit and philanthropic solutions for Colorado’s low-income children and their families. As part of its efforts to catalyze early childhood innovation, GCI is working to strengthen an emerging ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, nonprofits, policymakers and other public and private sector experts in Colorado that is focused on fueling innovation in child development. The Futurebound Acceleration Lab is a partnership between GCI and Uncharted, and it is serving as the main activation event for the Futurebound movement.

Where can ventures get more information about whether they should apply?

Ventures can email Uncharted with specific questions. We are also hosting a series of informational webinars, and ventures are encouraged to join one to learn more. The webinar schedule and sign up information is available here.

What is required of ventures during the application and selection process? 

We expect that the application will take up to one hour to complete, not including making your video. Ultimately, for selected ventures, the process will include two rounds of one-hour interviews and potential site visits or reference checks.

How much time is a selected venture expected to dedicate to the program? 

Ventures will gain the most by committing six to nine hours per month to the program. While there is no minimum time requirement per month, ventures that invest more time will see more benefit. Uncharted’s goal is to provide a full suite of resources, people, connections and expertise to help ventures be successful more quickly. Ultimately, each venture must determine how deeply it wants to take advantage of these offerings, and time commitments will largely depend on individual action plans. Leading up to the Futurebound Summit, there will be a series of phone calls and preparations to ensure ventures make the most of their time in Denver. We will require two leaders from each venture to attend the Futurebound Summit in Denver from November 12-15, which will include day and evening commitments.

Who from a selected venture is required to participate?

Each venture must have at least two committed teammates over the age of 18 who can participate throughout the program. These must be leaders in the organization who have the authority to make decisions, and they will be required to attend the Futurebound Summit in Denver from November 12-15.

What is a selected venture’s commitment to Colorado?

Our goal is to place ventures at the center of Colorado’s innovation ecosystem, focusing the ecosystem’s energy on helping them thrive. This is an incredible opportunity for ventures to bring their products or services to Colorado for the first time, or, if they are already here, to expand their operations across the state—all with support from the ecosystem. While ventures might not be able to become 100 percent embedded in the ecosystem by the end of the program, we will do our best to set them up for success when they do.

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