Christine DeLeon


Moonshot edVentures

Moonshot edVentures founder Christine DeLeon has a wide range of experiences in leadership development, entrepreneurship, and rethinking school. As CEO of Moonshot edVentures, Christine is responsible for surfacing and supporting a diverse set of leaders, representative of the communities they aim to serve, to design and launch the learning environments (e.g. schools and programs) of tomorrow. Moonshot’s School Launcher Fellowship provides 15-20 underrepresented leaders each year the opportunity to explore the idea of launching a school or program by supporting their leadership development, model design, and identifying the best pathway to launch. To build the pipeline, Christine leads local community building efforts focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion and education entrepreneurship. Christine’s previous experiences include roles with the Boston Consulting Group, The Broad Foundation, Education Cities, and Summit Learning; she also founded Education Pioneers’ first year-long fellowship. She served as a Harvard Innovation Lab Fellow and is a trained facilitator of Intergroup Dialogues, structured to explore social group identity, conflict, community, and social justice. She holds a BBA from the University of Michigan and an EdLD from Harvard University. She is an inaugural Pahara Next Gen Fellow and a 2019 Education Leaders of Color Boulder Fund recipient.