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October 28, 2019

Keynote Speaker Rachel Sinha Discusses Systems Design

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We are delighted that Rachel Sinha will be speaking at the Futurebound Summit Kickoff on November 13th. Futurebound is about catalyzing an innovation ecosystem focused on challenges in child development, and Rachel is a systems leader and designer who has led systems efforts in extreme times of need, like the financial crisis that swept the United Kingdom. Rachel is the Co-founder of The Systems Studio and recently started the Systems Sanctuary.

To get a sense of her approach and methods in leading systems change, read this paper she co-authored called Mapping Momentum. Read her full bio below, and make sure to register for the Kickoff event here.


Rachel Sinha is an award-winning social innovator, with over 10 years experience building thriving communities for social good.

Rachel Sinha Is Co-founder of The Systems Sanctuary where she has built, along with co-founder Tatiana, an international learning community of pioneers experimenting with systemic interventions to systemic problems.

She coaches a number of initiatives looking at diverse issues from the opioid crisis to building the field of social innovation in Canada.

Rachel was Co-Founder of The Finance Innovation Lab in the UK named a semi-finalist in the Buckminster Fuller Award ‘Socially Responsible Designs Highest Award’ for its work bringing together people post financial crisis, to accelerate positive change in the financial system. Part of her work involved helping to launch a number of organizations including The Natural Capital Coalition and AuditFutures. She was named Management Today/BskyB ‘Future Leader of Sustainability’, for her work there and sat on the European Commission Expert Panel on Social Business.

Rachel has co-authored a series of articles on the topic of systems change in Harvard Business Review and Fast Company and a book Labcraft: How Social Labs Cultivate Change Through Collaboration. She has taught systems change at The New School, Harvard, Yale and The School for Systems Change among others.

Rachel was a THNK Scholar, at the Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership, has a MA in Marketing and a BA in Psychology. Rachel won a 'person of exceptional ability' Green Card to work in the US and now lives in San Francisco.

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