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Afinidata's mission to provide easy-to-access early childhood educational tools for low-to-middle income families around the world.

Within the social messaging channels that millions of caregivers already use, Afinidata offers a free, personalized, virtual assistant that guides caregivers with evidence-based ECE activities. Afinidata's virtual assistant learns from caregiver interactions about their child's development and using artificial intelligence algorithms selects the most appropriate activity that is catered to each child's needs.

We are currently serving over 30,000 caregivers, primarily in Latin American countries, with 19,000 active monthly users. More than half of our users have recommended us to another caregiver. In 2019, the UNICEF Innovation Fund selected Afinidata as one of the most innovative companies around the world with the potential to impact over 1 million lives. Afinidata is a major innovation compared to traditional in-person home visits, and has the potential to fundamentally change government and NGO ECE programs by taking them to scale at low cost.

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Afinidata combines the proven model of home-visits with the power of artificial intelligence to provide a free virtual assistant that helps caregivers to be their child's first educator.


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Fulbright Scholar with a M.B.A. in Global Social Entrepreneurship. Founder of Afinidata; social start-up contributing to the well-being and development of hispanic children under the age of six. Recognized by UNICEF Innovation Fund as one of the most innovative solutions with potential to impact the lives of over 1 million children. Contributing author to three educational books for children in Central America.

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The Cohort will be presenting their ideas at the Futurebound Summit Showcase, November 13.

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