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Babyscripts is a virtual care platform for obstetrics that allows healthcare providers to deliver a new model of prenatal care. The platform is powered by a suite of mobile apps that drive enhanced patient engagement and increased data collection, internet-connected devices for remote monitoring, and a host of population health tools to give providers access to patient data in real time, enabling remote point of care decision-making.

Babyscripts sells to providers and payers, who deliver the technology to patients and members . Our solution targets the gaps in maternity care for all mothers (particularly at-risk populations who suffer the challenges of social determinants of health); the rising rates of maternal mortality; and the OB/GYN shortage by linking together all the stakeholders in the pregnancy space through our digital point-of-care solution.

Babyscripts is the only clinical tool that is singularly focused on solving obstetrical problems. Many companies, even the EMRs, take a mile-wide, inch-deep approach with technology in clinical care, resulting in the development of a simple portal or interface. Babyscripts has narrowed their focus to pregnancy care, believing that a mile-deep approach is necessary to produce significant outcomes. As a consequence of this targeted approach, Babyscripts has one of the largest databases on weight, blood pressure, and symptomatic information, which can be leveraged to answer some of the most meaningful questions in pregnancy, like why patients get preeclampsia. No other company has the dataset to answer these kinds of questions.

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is a digital health company focused on rethinking how pregnancy care can be delivered through the use of internet of things technology to eliminate maternal death and complications.


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Anish co-founded Babyscripts in 2013 with the vision that internet enabled medical devices and big data would transform the delivery of pregnancy care. Since the inception of the company, Anish has received numerous accolades including being named a “Champion of Change” for precision medicine by the White House, one of the Top 40 Transformers in healthcare by MM&M Magazine, and Healthcare Transformer by the Startup Health Academy in New York. Anish Sebastian is also the architect of the first "Prenatal Care Moonshot,” focused on eliminating preterm birth by 2027 through mobile/digital technology, and Babyscripts.

In his role as CEO he has raised over $15 million in venture/angel financing for furthering his vision of a data centric model in prenatal care, which includes the recent closure of a Series A-1 of $6 million lead by Philips. He has orchestrated large partnerships with General Electric and their Healthymagination initiative, and the March of Dimes, specifically targeting the elimination of premature birth. He has also led the Babyscripts product team, guiding the direction of the product form its inception, finding the product market fit, and fully commercializing it in multiple markets. Babyscripts works with over 45 health systems across 23 states, managing more than 200,000 pregnancies. Anish has also successfully lead several research endeavors including two key studies of Babyscripts product published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) and featured in 11 Green Journal abstracts presented at The American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology (ACOG).



Chief Growth Officer

Judith Nowlin is the Chief Growth Officer for Babyscripts, where she and her team are creating new models of prenatal and postpartum care to improve outcomes for moms and babies nationwide. Here she focuses on evangelizing Babyscripts’ mission of “healthy pregnancies for all” while opening up new partnership opportunities in key segments of the market.

Prior to joining Babyscripts, Judith founded one of the very first pregnancy apps, iBirth™, in 2009 as a mobile daily care companion for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. The original impetus for the app was born out of Judith’s prior decade of boots-on-the-ground service in maternity care as a healthcare educator, birth doula and postpartum doula. iBirth was acquired in June 2018 by Babyscripts, Inc.

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