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1 in 40 children are now diagnosed with Autism and most have trouble processing their senses. This is why 80% of these kids have daily sleep issues and over half have self harm issues or run away from safe environments.

The solution is our insurance covered Boogaloo Bed.  Our canopy controls outside stimuli. We then use soothing sensory inputs such as lights, sounds, vibrations, aromatherapy and weighted blankets. To help with safety, we provide heavy padding for protection during meltdowns and cameras linked to motion sensors that parents can remotely monitor.

The long term vision is to use sensors and software to provide proactive guidance to parents and valuable data to doctors and teachers.

our solution

are smart beds designed to improve safety, sleep, and sensory regulation for children with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and other special needs.

Boogaloo Beds

HealthTech, Medical Device, Special Needs
Denver, Colorado
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Founder & CEO

Caleb fell in love with business at an early age and opened an e-commerce store when he was 15. By 17, he was running a six-figure online marketing and eCommerce business.

After some early learnings from that business adventure, he volunteered for a year in Guatemala and Canada and then studied business, economics, and interpersonal communication at the University of Waterloo. During this time he founded an event planning company that brought over 20,000 people to concerts and events across Canada. After graduating and before founding Boogaloo Beds, Caleb was the top sales executive at SendGrid which went public in 2017 and was acquired by Twilio in 2018.

Caleb's inspiration came from a childhood friend who had Down Syndrome. He was also a lifelong tinkerer building rockets, skateparks, and hovercrafts. By combining this passion for people with special needs and building helpful products, he hopes to make an impact on families around the world.

Futurebound Acceleration Lab Cohort

The Cohort will be presenting their ideas at the Futurebound Summit Showcase, November 13.

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