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BrainChild Technologies is creating the first device to help caregivers regularly monitor their infant for hearing loss with our smart pacifier platform. Hearing loss during early childhood can mean missing a critical window for language development, and yet we lack good tools for regular hearing screening in the medical home. Our aim at BrainChild is to begin filling in the gap in hearing screening tools with age-appropriate behavioral assessments of hearing, starting with a measure of sucking behavior for babies from birth to 12mos. By providing a behavioral, low-cost assessment of a baby's response to sound, we aim to improve the quality and efficiency of hearing screenings both at the audiologists office and in the medical home.

our solution

is helping all children better access regular hearing screenings during the most important time for language development.

BrainChild Technologies

Medical Devices
Bend, Oregon
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CEO & Founder

Dr. Kiselycznyk is an expert in behavioral neuroscience, receiving her PhD training at the National Institutes of Health and the Karolinska Institute, with postdoctoral training at Yale University. Since then, she has served as a project manager and technology transfer consultant to help move early medical research to deployable products. She founded BrainChild Technologies with colleagues she met while studying at the Karolinska Institute, and has since served as a Principal Investigator for this technology on federal awards from the NIH and NSF.



Product Manager

Jenny leads product teams to design and develop digital tools and service solutions that promote wellness, improve adherence, and empower individuals to better manage their health. Jenny works with consumer and enterprise solutions as well as FDA-regulated devices and combination digital/device products. Her past work in condition management and disease prevention has included addiction treatment, weight loss, diabetes, insomnia, chronic pain, and mental health.

Futurebound Acceleration Lab Cohort

The Cohort will be presenting their ideas at the Futurebound Summit Showcase, November 13.

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