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At Centervention®, we believe every student deserves an opportunity to be successful in the classroom and in life, but with computers and mobile devices always on and always available, the way kids socialize and interact has fundamentally changed. And these changes are creating barriers to building real-world relationships: students who can’t focus, don’t know how to manage their emotions, and have trouble interacting with peers.

To address these challenges, we provide online games to help students in elementary and middle school improve social and emotional skills. These games are fun for students, automatically gather data so educators can track progress, and include supplemental lessons to reinforce learning.

These research and evidence-based programs were developed with over $5 million in SBIR funding from the Department of Education. In addition, we received an SBIR award in 2019 from the National Science Foundation to develop a social, emotional, and behavioral readiness program for students in grades K-1.While it may seem counter-intuitive to use technology to teach social and emotional skills, the reality is that online games are engaging for kids, and once students learn these skills via simulated social scenarios, they can be applied in the real world. And from a school perspective, addressing social and emotional skill deficits improves school climate, culture, and safety.

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provides online games to help students improve their social and emotional skills. These games are fun for students and help educators monitor learning.


School-based Mental Health, Early Childhood Education, Social & Emotional Learning
Durham, North Carolina
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I am currently the CEO of Centervention, an EdTech startup that helps students in elementary and middle school improve social, emotional, and behavioral skills using online games. The games were developed with funding from the Department of Education and the National Science Foundation, and our goal is to provide a positive impact to millions of students worldwide.

I am also the former CEO of Ganymede Software, a venture-backed start-up I founded in 1995 with three co-workers from IBM. At Ganymede, we developed two award winning products, Chariot and Pegasus, for testing and measuring the performance of applications running over enterprise computer networks. We grew the company from four people to one hundred, raised $10 million in equity capital before being acquired in 2000 by Mission Critical/NetIQ.

Following our acquisition by NetIQ, I was involved in a wide range of M&A, due diligence, and investment activities. These included the integration of WebTrends, the purchases of Marshal Software and SQL Probe from Subquery Innovations, and investments in @Stake and Lumigent Technologies.




Wrote my first computer game (text-based poker) on a timeshared mini-computer in 1977, several years before the PC was invented.  Wanted to major in Psychology, but parents convinced me to apply their tuition money toward Math and Computer Science.  Worked for IBM developing mainframe security and database software.  Worked for Bell-Northern Research creating telecomunications software for what became Nortel Networks, including the first application that used speech recognition in the public telephone network (for automatic completion of directory assistance queries).  Managed the development of hardware and software (across 5 locations on three continents) for the first application of VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) in the public telephone network.  Moved on "strategic" marketing leveraging tech background to create FUD on competitor's products.  Took dot-com bubble burst / mid-life crisis escape pod into a doctoral program in AI, applying automated planning and plan recognition to guide learners through intelligent tutoring simulations in virtural environments (aka digital games).  Worked for an A.I. company developing 3D simulations to teach soldiers cross-cultural communication and negotiation skills, and parlayed that into the much more difficult challenge of teaching social skills to school children, first at the 3C Institute, and now as the CTO of Centervention.

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