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Manatee is a digital platform that empowers mental health providers and families by integrating therapy into daily life. 
Our family app does this by setting, reminding and tracking patient treatment goals - providing continuous support and gamifying therapy for kids. At the same time, insights are visualized in a clinical dashboard, unlocking effective and value based care for providers. We're currently partnering with leading pediatric providers, including the Children's Hospital of LA and Colorado.

our solution

is a digital platform that integrates mental health therapy into daily life with technology that empowers therapists and caregivers and delights kids.


Denver, Colorado
founded in
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Co-founder & CEO

Dama is the CEO and co-founder of Manatee. She has founded Manatee to make mental healthcare for kids massively better through leveraging technology.She's been a part of high growth tech startups (up to series C and a total of $76M received to date) and has managed high performing, cross-functional teams in Europe (Amsterdam and London) and North America (NYC, SF and LA).She's lived and worked in 9 different countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America and travelled through a bunch more.Previously, she has also founded the award-winning video production company, Be Frank. Be Frank has shot thought provoking campaigns with clients like Planned Parenthood and is all about challenging existing assumptions through honest conversation.



co-founder and CTO

I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. Received my first computer at age 12 and the love affair began. Graduated from Missouri State with a BA in Computer Information Systems. I worked as a software engineer for a fortune 50 before relocating to Denver 13 years ago, working for tech startups doing the same and transitioning into leadership. I finally got the opportunity to scratch my entrepreneurial itch and now get to serve our most valuable asset...children, our future.

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The Cohort will be presenting their ideas at the Futurebound Summit Showcase, November 13.

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