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Music is an important part of every child's development. Unfortunately, many kids are left behind because they lack an affordable, easy onramp to musical learning and creativity. MusiQuest accelerates children into the world of music, providing every kid with the opportunity to develop a relationship with music.

MusiQuest's pioneering approach to beginning music education has been developed with $1.3 million in grants from the National Science Foundation, and tested extensively in home and school settings. In addition to empowering children to write original music they're proud of, MusiQuest offers learners 250+ interactive lessons, 500+ song grooves, and includes a patented approach to presenting music notation. The MusiQuest Dashboard and Lesson Composer platform support educators in implementing and managing student's MusiQuest experience at scale.

our solution

is a creative new way to learn music that helps ensure every kid has access to the benefits of musical learning and expression.


Early Childhood Development (primarily education, but also health through music therapy)
Denver, Colorado
founded in
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Founder & CEO

Jacob Zax is MusiQuest's Founder, CEO, and Principal Investigator for $1 million+ in National Science Foundation grants. In addition to being a PI, Mr. Zax is an NSF SBIR Peer Reviewer, and was a ‘Featured Speaker’ at the NSF’s 2018 Phase II SBIR awardee conference. Mr. Zax has served as a three time Techstars CEO peer mentor, and earned the ‘Best Pitch’ award in the 2015 Techstars Boulder accelerator program. Mr. Zax started working on MusiQuest at the age of 21, after graduating from Washington University in St. Louis with a B.A in Political Science.




I'm passionate about entrepreneurs and startups. I've been working with technology my entire life. My first paid programming gig was at age 12. I wrote a program on an Apple ][ Plus to calculate shipping tariffs for my great uncle. I made $50. I've been working with technology ever since.

In between startups, I've worked a variety of other jobs, including 9-1-1 Center Director, Paramedic, and Firefighter. Thanks to the success of my first startup, I was able to study at the University of Colorado at Boulder on and off for more than ten years, with coursework in Biology (MCD), Philosophy, Astrophysics, and Theatrical Design. I finally graduated in the Spring of 2019.

I live in Boulder with my daughter, Zoey.

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