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Recalibrate Solutions is developing a small, low-cost test-system to objectively evaluate and monitor the stress response system. Bio-markers in saliva are measured on a disposable cartridge in less than five minutes. Data from each test is stored on a small device and alerts are generated if the detected levels fall outside of the normal range.

Healthcare providers will be able to screen children and determine who should be treated, when, and whether treatment is effective. Researchers will be able to immediately implement this tool in ongoing intervention development and testing. Families, teachers, and community agencies will use this tool to evaluate whether experiences or environments have compromised the child’s health, allowing them to better advocate for needed support.

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is serving the medical community with a 5-minute, saliva test to monitor stress-health in children.


Childhood Development, Health & Wellbeing, Medical Devices
Denver, Colorado
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Bhagwandin, PhD

Co-Founder & CEO

Bryon has been a startup executive for more than 10 years and has spent more than 15 years in medical product development. He understands the unique business challenges accompanying medical devices – design-controls and quality-system compliance, internal review boards and clinical testing, regulatory strategy and submission, insurance codes and reimbursement models, hospital purchasing-cycles and vendor approval, marketing through scientific research and peer review publications… A truly unique space in which to work.

Bryon possesses a remarkable combination of technical expertise, leadership, and business acumen. He holds two degrees in physics and a PhD in biomedical engineering. He has led multiple product development teams, successfully creating diagnostic, therapeutic, and drug-device combination-products. Bryon has served as an executive for multiple start-up companies, helping raise more than $20M in capital. He has helped set product & regulatory strategy, and determine corporate mission & vision. In 2018, Bryon co-founded Recalibrate Solutions in Denver, CO and serves as the CEO.


Watamura, PhD


Sarah is Associate Professor and Chair of Psychology at the University of Denver.  She is also the director of the Child Health & Development Laboratory,  co-director of the Stress, Early Experience and Development (SEED) Research Center at the University. Dr. Watamura has been conducting research on physiologic stress in young children for nearly 15 years, and is part of the international community of scholars who focus their research efforts on explicating the contributing and buffering factors associated with early life stress as well as its consequences. The work being conducted in Dr. Watamura’s lab has been continuously supported by federal agencies and national foundations and is published in high profile journals. She is currently part of the Buffering Toxic Stress Consortium funded by the Administration for Children and Families, working together to best measure toxic stress and assessing promising interventions to mitigate the effects of toxic stress. She received her Ph.D. in 2005 from Cornell University. In 2018, Sarah co-founded Recalibrate Solutions and serves as the Chief Scientific Officer.

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The Cohort will be presenting their ideas at the Futurebound Summit Showcase, November 13.

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