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SayKid is fanatical about helping kids build the skills to be successful in school...and in life. Most skills start to form early in life - before many kids are in school (and when screentime is discouraged). Many of these skills are developed through back-and-forth interaction and by modeling behavior - which is hard to scale. Unfortunately, most technology wasn’t designed for early learners (e.g., form factors rarely support tangible play, touch interfaces aren’t natural for social or language development, and visual content often overstimulates rather engaging kids). Although technology must play a role, the most powerful technology isn’t practical during the most important period of development. SayKid exists to solve this paradox. Our technology makes it possible to access young kids that are hardest to reach, build skills that are difficult to teach, and replace screen time with speech.

After ~18 mos. of R&D with leading early childhood education organizations, SayKid came out of stealth in 2019 with the world’s 1st screenless, play-based learning platform. By combining conversational software in the form factor of a plush robot, SayKid helps kids learn in a safe, natural, and engaging way - by teaching. SayKid has been recognized by the Saul Zaentz Early Education Initiative at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and recently received the University of Minnesota’s “Moonshot” Prize for biggest breakthrough innovation.

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is a platform that uses voice technology in the form of a plush robot to help kids learn in a safe, natural and engaging way.


Early Learning Technology
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Co-Founder / CEO

DeLonn Crosby is Co-Founder / CEO of SayKid, where he helps innovative education organizations and schools harness the power of voice. Prior to SayKid, DeLonn led strategy at NovuHealth, a behavioral science company that combined data, analytics, and consumer-facing technology to help the largest healthcare organizations drive outcomes at massive scale. He has held leadership roles intersecting technology, consumers, and social impact at organizations like Google, Deloitte, and Target. At Target, his Corporate Social Responsibility team invested $1 billion in education, where he gained a deep appreciation for the complex challenges - and disruptive potential - in early education. DeLonn is a graduate of Harvard Business School, the University of Minnesota, and Normandale Community College. When he's not running SayKid, he's chasing his 3 kids - Ella, Callahan, and Will - who manage QA.




Scott Schanke is Co-Founder of SayKid. He is also a PhD student at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management, where he uses frameworks and theories from linguistics and other social sciences in tandem with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and econometrics to advance social outcomes. Previously, Scott spent 4 years at Accenture in various Technology Architecture and Big Data roles with Fortune 500 firms. He received a BSB in MIS and Finance from the University of Minnesota. He and his dog Frankie reside in Minneapolis, MN.

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